It pays to back up your computer!

hard-driveOne Wednesday morning I made my coffee and came into my ‘man land’ to do some things on my computer only to find that my hard drive had crashed. I went ahead and ordered a new hard drive and selected a SSD hard drive, no moving parts. The new SSD arrived yesterday and later on last night I had a fresh install of Windows 7.

A friend of mine suggested I put the bad hard drive in the freezer for about 30 minutes then hook it back in my computer and be sure to be ready to copy files from it to another place. He states “if bearings are going bad, the rpm slows down and screws with time, system can’t read drive info.  Assuming the drive is spinning at all (not dead motor) stick it in the freezer for about 30 minutes – the cold contracts the bearings and allows the drive to spin up to speed – as drive gets hot (30 – 45 minutes) it may quit again so be ready to copy files…”.  After a bit in the freezer, I did what my friend suggested and sad to say it didn’t work. However, I noticed a folder on another hard drive (I had 3 hard drives in my computer) had a folder just like the backup folder I created last night for my new SSD hard drive. I clicked on it and a ‘Restore’ option appeared and currently I’m able to get back files from a restore point of February 17th!

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