Do Not Go With U-Verse

U-Verse is ATT’s version of fiber optic cable. During the time in which we were without power, my Iphone was not keeping a charge due to its age (I had been going to StarBucks to charge). I upgraded my Iphone at the ATT store and they roped me into switching to U-Verse.

A few weeks later it was installed. From the start I didn’t notice any change in Internet speed. As far as the TV it was ok, seem like it took forever to scroll through the menu. In order to watch the Atlanta Braves on SportsSouth I had to key in 1729, 4 numbers instead of 3. No big deal really.

I had to call the same day they installed the new server to ‘upgrade’ to HD service and got roped into trying out their extended HD service that included all the movie channels, free for 1 month.

Then I got my first bill. $728. Now granted, they let me slide with a Iphone payment and the bill included that payment along with my new Iphone bill, so take off $260 or so. But I discovered that the monthly cable bill from U-Verse was going to be more than what I was paying with Comcast. I went with U-Verse because I was tired of paying $150 a month and the new service was going to be around 180-190 a month. I thought the cable and Internet was going to be around $117 or less. No, it is $117 plus $55 for Internet.

Customer Service: While I was at home when I had to be so that EPB could be installed, I dialed the ATT 800 number to cancel my service with U-Verse. I waited 12 minutes until finally a real person came on the line. A few seconds later we got disconnected. I had to re-dial and waited another 15 minutes before a live person came on the phone. During the waiting time a computer generated system tries to get you to ‘say’ things in order for them to guide you on problems you may be having with the service. I’m guessing to eliminate a lot of actual speaking with live customer service personnel it does this and I can understand. During the second call and after speaking with a live person after the 15 minutes and after telling her I needed to cancel my U-Verse service, I was put on hold.

Before I was put on hold, she mentioned that there was a cancellation fee. Cancellation fee?? I waited yet another 17 minutes during which I was fuming. So on top of all the pro-rated charges and taxes on my existing bill, U-Verse was going to add even more with a cancellation fee. How nice. Finally after getting to a real person, I cancelled my U-Verse account and was told that I was not going to be charged a cancellation fee due to the fact that there was not a contract for so many years. At least I had that going for me, which is nice. <-Caddyshack

Also, when you cancel your U-Verse service, you don’t take your boxes and remotes back like normal, instead you get a UPS number to which UPS will ship back on U-Verse’s behalf.

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