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Backstage Bar at The Comedy Catch – Fresh Update

Revamped Again and now even better

Remove several plugins that were not being used including the member directory plugin which was replaced with a much better one.

Bell Limousine – Work in progress

December 23, 2018 A new Redo

Just Moved

To my server! So that I could give them a SSL certificate (Free when hosting with FatCat Servers)

This is Coin Work Racing, a website I did a few years ago as a present that a former Navy Chief friend of mine gave. Just recently a woocommerce webstore was added and within just 24 hours 23 orders were placed!

Brought Back to Life

This site I did a few years ago. Unfortunately it was hacked. With help from the owner I was able to bring it back to life again almost the way it was originally.

New Website Launched December 25th


The best CSI was Las Vegas… truly miss this show

TransExpress Switzerland Website Redo

August 5th, a Web Store Redo